Thursday, 30 June 2011

Zipper Jewelry

Who said zips can't be beautiful? These amazing necklaces are made by Kate Cusack who is inspired by unusual materials and aims to make them into theatrical accessories. I'm so puzzled at how she manages to contort the zips into these sculptural designs, she clearly has a lot of talent. All of the pieces from her zipper collection are very bold and unusual with brilliant use of shape and texture. I love the contrast between the bright red and the black metal in the first design, any piece of her jewelry would completely transform an outfit.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bleach me craaaazy.

I couldn't help but LUST over these bleached jeans when I saw them, I think it's destiny. They're from DKNY, but unfortunately are no longer on sale. I really like the pattern on these  jeans, it reminds me of an old patch of tie-dye my mum once made. Bleaching is a really easy way to add interest to jeans and in this case, the jeans could definitely be the statement of an outfit. I just know I'll be getting the bleach out soon...

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A bit o' Klimt on my wrist.

Just look at this "Klimt Cuff" by jewelry designer Alexis Bittar. I really like Gustav Klimt's work and I feel that Alexis has managed to create a piece that can be associated with Klimt's art whilst keeping the design original and fun. The jewelry designer has made several variations on the gold design but this wooden cuff with the gold covering is a personal favourite.

If I could have just 10 minutes in your wardrobe...

You gotta admit, the lady has style! 88 year old Iris Apfel dresses with guts, her bright outfits clad in chunky and dramatic jewelry make her stand out from any crowd, young or old. Iris is the sort of woman I want to be at 88, she has the "I don't give a shit" outlook on fashion that I admire. People who got to see the Peabody Essex Museum exhibition of her clothing were very lucky - over 80 of her crazy outfits were on display! Iris makes me feel the need to start dressing up more and invest in some wacky glasses, she isn't afraid to layer up her colours and patterns and then throw on some huge jewelry to boot BUT IT WORKS SO WELL. Iris Apfel, I bow down to you.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Bec & Bridge

I love this "Lovers and Nomads" a/w '11 collection by the Sydney based label Bec & Bridge. The tie-dye dress is awesome and I think their designs are all really playful. I'm completely in love with their dreamcatcher dress though, not to mention the models INSANE hair.The collection is very bohemian but with edgy touches like the thigh high leather boots.


Photo - Angus Bridges
Here's the picture of a black tank top i customised with safety pins. Loads of them. I think there's about 400 on the tank and it only covers the neckline, the whole thing took me about 2 days to do and you have no idea how many times I pinned myself! I found it hard at first to find things to pair it with until I re-discovered these African earrings from Venice. Good times!


I'm trying to write an introduction that doesn't make me sound like this is alcoholics anonymous. Proving to be hard. A bit about me...

My name's Ella, i'm 15 and live in Norfolk. And I bloody love clothes.